Hello, World!

It’s so good to see you! Welcome to my first blog post! All I will be doing with this entry is give you a bit of an introduction and gush about my plans for this place.

My name is Madelein, or Madi as my friends call me. I live in New Zealand, where I work as a freelance animator in the film and VFX industry. But I have about a million other hobbies in my free time, which is where the focus of this blog will be! I love to garden, propagate plants, pat animals, draw and paint, photograph special moments, DIY, snuggle my kitty named Gir, and go exploring with my partner, Naru.

That’s Naru at Mahurangi, a gorgeous place nestled away north of Auckland.

I hope to also get the time to film and create videos to accompany this vlog. It will mostly be everyday moments to follow a Vlog-type format, but I also want to delve into making some story videos! Let’s see how that goes…

Due to the nature of my work I tend to move around a lot between Auckland and Wellington, so most likely I’ll be able to show you a bit of both those regions! Windy Wellington is our capital city, it’s quite small but boasts gorgeous scenery, tons of marine wildlife and great community culture! It’s quite a mountainous region on the southern tip of New Zealand’s north island, so pretty much wherever you go is fairly picturesque.

New Zealand!

Auckland is the enormous (by NZ standards) first port of call in the north. It’s where all the hustle and bustle and people are! Events, festivals, big universities and a huge variety of cultures make it a lively and colorful place. The beaches up north are gorgeous, and the forests and walking tracks out west are like a fairy wonderland. There are also plenty of islands to explore (and some not, they function as wildlife sanctuaries!) and inactive volcanoes to marvel at.

Right now we are based in Wellington (hopefully for long enough to be able to chill for a bit and feel at home) working from home in the midst of New Zealand’s COVID-19 lockdown. Things here are going well, and with any luck we will be able to go exploring outside our neighborhood soon so I can show you this beautiful place!

I hope you will come along and enjoy the adventures with us!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay kind.

Lots of love,



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