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Art Archive: Drawing ‘Wolfkinders’ and the Music of Heike Langhans

Hey friends!

I just wanted to share an old video I made showing the drawing process for a piece I named ‘Wolfkinders’, which (perhaps obviously) translates to ‘wolf children’.

It was inspired by the music of LORELEI, which features (with permission) in the video also! I’ve been following her music since about 2008 and I just love the ethereal dreaminess of it. LORELEI aka Heike Langhans has since moved on to create many more musical projects, including joining Swedish gothic/doom metal masters Draconian, and the space-obsessed drone/dream explosion (and now my personal favorite) ISON.

I hope you enjoy it! Check out Heike’s music if you love melancholy and doom as much as I do, you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for watching, until next time!

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