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A New Adventure!

Hello, friends!

It’s been awhile since I last did a write up for my blog. That time was spent productively (mostly) behind-the-scenes, let me give you a rundown of what’s been going on.

I got an iPad and Apple Pencil to increase my drawing productivity – and boy has it been a life changer. Being able to draw anywhere without the extra hassle of scanning each drawing has really increased my motivation. I’ve shared some progress videos on my Instagram for those who might be curious. Getting the iPad was a strategic decision, because ultimately what I’d wanted it for was for use in a small creative business I’m starting! Most of my free time has been invested in research and planning (obsessing, agonizing) for this, it has become almost all-consuming! However, over the last week or so things felt like they were finally falling in place in my head and I can now properly start my opening strategy. I’m torn over a few technical decisions, such as selling on Etsy versus selling on my own webshop through Squarespace. Both have their pros and cons, so I’m just weighing the options and trying to decide on the best route. I am in the process of building a new website for it already, which will act as a hub for my creative work and somehow also connect to this blog. Much work lies ahead, but I am so excited for things to finally kick off. I also plan to link my Youtube and Shop within the business, and use Youtube to inspire creativity rather than just making my usual cheesy vlogs! I have many plans to create drawing and art-related videos that focus on therapeutic activity rather than adding pressure to draw or create professionally.

I would very much like for this venture to be centered on things I value, rather than just creating for the sake of selling. I want to feel like I am doing something meaningful with my time in this world! I want my products and my goals to be as ethical and eco-friendly as possible, and try to help people understand how to express themselves in a safe space. Mental health has long been an issue close to my heart as someone who has lived with hyper-sensitivity, depression and anxiety since before puberty. After a lot of therapy, counseling, medication, and self-help, I have finally reached a point where I don’t feel as emotionally sensitive and can confidently say that I have gotten my bad thoughts under control. It took literal decades and loads of trial and error, but I have found a method that works for me and I want to share it and hopefully help and inspire others who want to make a change to their lives. A large part of my therapy is being creative, but it also involves some easy exercises which I will be providing worksheets for.

Over the last year since moving to Wellington things have been all over the place for us. We are so fortunate in many ways, but sometimes being fortunate does not equal happiness. I try to maintain perspective and be grateful that we have jobs and a warm home. But some days are harder to convert that gratitude to happiness than others. We miss our families and friends, and Wellington has never felt like home to me through any of my stays here. I have been moving between Auckland and Wellington for work for a few years now and without fail, I become very unhappy here no matter how hard I focus on staying positive. On top of realizing more and more that I am not the type of person who enjoys working for anyone to begin with, it becomes difficult to stay patient and responsible when I get homesick for Auckland or Gisborne. There are days where we feel like getting in the car and just leaving! We are tired, homesick, and frankly tired of the wind and bad weather here. Complaining about work and weather. First world problems, right?

The only way to survive Wellington.

But that is exactly why I am almost obsessively trying to get a business of my own off the ground, so I can have the flexibility to live and work wherever and whenever suits me while doing something that feels meaningful. It’s overwhelming getting the ball rolling and trying to figure out where to start and what to prioritize, but we’ll get there!

For those who enjoy bullet journaling and planning, where do you prefer to shop for your supplies? Etsy? Online stores? Good old brick-and-mortar shops? Asking for science!
In the meantime, enjoy this little clip of something I made on my new toy!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay kind!


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