Art Love, Art Love

Back to the Drawing Board, Literally!

Hello! Welcome to my arty space! Since having our baby it’s been a struggle to find time (and energy) for anything other than housework and my day job. But lately I’ve felt creativity returning to my tired bones and it feels amazing!

Here’s a little something I drew last night to get myself back in the groove. I’ve grown to really love drawing my flower nymph mascots over photographs, it feels like it’s changed my way of viewing my surroundings. I imagine little creatures hiding everywhere, it’s magical.

I’ll do a little post at some stage introducing my flower babies, but I did a little Tik Tok here to get an idea of what they’re about! I hope you enjoy!

Feel free to follow me, or if you’re more of an Instagram kind of person, I do post a lot of my Tik Tok stuff and finished work there!

I’ll be back soon with a big existential post – prepare yourselves. 😅

Until then: Be kind, live gently, do no evil.

Love you,

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